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AgroLED® Sun® 411 Veg LED Fixtures 6,500° K + Blue + UV

VENDOR: Hawthorne


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In the far northern latitudes, you may desire to extend the amount of light your plants get, so grow lights may be necessary for the shortest winter days to keep the level of production where you want it. This fixture is great for use in close proximity to the plants at various stages. If you are looking for a lighting fixture to create artificial light that simulates the sun we would recommend an LEC Grow Light.

The earth-friendly AgroLED® fixtures offer 3 separate channels for your veg and propagation cycles. The Sun® 411 brings 22,500 lumens and 411.231 PPF’s while only using 284 watts of power. That is with all channels on including the 460nm (blue), UV and 6500° K full spectrum white light! Made with powder-coated steel housing and louvers for longevity and proper thermal management. The fixture can be hung vertically or horizontally with the included V-hangers and includes an 8 ft power cord. Each channel, 6500° K, 460nm and UV, can be independently switched for easy operation. The 120 volt daisy chain feature makes it easy for multiple fixtures to be plugged together.

Technical Specifications: 48.43" x 22.44" x 2.76", 23.59 lbs

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