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Sun System® Flower Power™ 315 Watt Grow Light

VENDOR: Hawthorne


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3100 K Lamp
4200 K Lamp

In the far northern latitudes, you may desire to extend the amount of light your plants get, so grow lights may be necessary for the shortest winter days to keep the level of production where you want it. This fixture is great for creating artificial light that simulates the sun. If you are looking for a lighting fixture to use in close proximity to the plants at various stages we would recommend an LED fixture.

Sun System® Flower Power™ 315 Watt Light Fixtures utilize Light Emitting Ceramic® brand technology. The fixture has a 95% reflective textured aluminum insert for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion. Dual power inputs easily switch voltage from 120 to 240 volt power (240v power cord sold separately). These lamps produce a clean white light. The compact size creates minimal shadow. 

3,100° K color temperature, excellent 92.6 CRI. 37,913 initial lumens. The 3,100° K has a very high 1.82 PPFD per second light source. 4,200° K color temperature, excellent 97.5 CRI, 31,127 initial lumens. The 4,200° K has very high 1.70 PPFD per second light source. Good lumen maintenance and excellent PPF performance throughout lamp life. Unique open-rated lamp construction, including a ceramic arc tube contained in a protective quartz glass shroud with PGZX18 base, reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and makes this suitable for open-rated fixture use.

Each lamp has an approximate 5' x 5' footprint. Please keep this in mind when determining how many lamps you will need for your application.

*Includes V-hangers for hanging the fixture securely.

Technical Specifications: 21.9" x 15.4" x 9.8", 21.6 lbs

Growing Spaces has no role in providing technical support or warranty fulfillment on Sun System® lights. The end user must contact Hawthorne Gardening Company directly and provide a valid sales receipt or date of manufacture. Returns not accepted.