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Complete Online Gardening Courses

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Three recorded workshops from 2012 - 2014. Nearly 13 hours of footage!!


2014 Fourth Annual Growing Spaces Symposium Watch this fun filled day at the Pine River Public Library in Bayfield, CO to learn about gardening in the Growing Dome from both new and long-standing instructors of the Growing Spaces team. Topics will cover aspects of soil, composting, insects, and water gardening and will include interactive exercises in the 22′ Growing Dome and outdoor community garden at the “Living Library”. Instructors are: Dana Hayward (Master of Agricultural Sciences, Master Gardener), Heather Burger (Permaculture greenhouse gardener, landscape designer), Claudia Stover (Growing Dome gardener, water gardener), Udgar Parsons (Growing Spaces founder, inventor of the Growing Dome), Puja Parsons (Growing Spaces CEO) and Stacey Couch (Growing Dome gardener). Presentations are on the following topics (4.5 hours):

Soils – How to choose the right soil for your new Growing Dome / Learn about maintaining soil through the years
Water Plant Propagation – What plants work in the above ground pond / How to maintain your plants through the seasons
What Food to Plant When – A month-by-month outline on what to sow, transplant, and harvest
The History of the Growing Dome – In celebration of 25 years in business – stories of the evolution of the Growing Dome
Composting – What to and not to put in your compost / Hot composting / How long to let your pile “cure”
Insects: Pests & Beneficials  2013 Growing Dome Garden Planning Workshop Join us for a workshop to help hone our skills inside the awe-inspiring world of the Growing Dome. This workshop, held at the Ross Aragon Community Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, sparks the interest of new and old Growing Dome gardeners, as well as those planning to add a Growing Dome into their life. Presenters include: Udgar Parsons, Claudia Stover, Richard Miller and Stacey Couch. Presentations will be on the following topics (nearly 4 hours):

What to Plant When, Where, and Why
Forest Gardens inside the Growing Dome
Expanding the Potential of the Growing Dome Water Garden
Maintaining the Growing Dome Environment
Encircling the Growing Dome with an Outdoor Garden
This time, students are involved! 2012 Ask the Experts Interactive Workshop Filmed in October of 2012 with a panel of  five gardening experts and over five hours of helpful and intriguing tips and tricks of the trade. The panel includes Udgar Parsons, Lee Ann Merrill, Janet Miller, Richard Miller, and Claudia Stover all with a focus on the Growing Dome greenhouse. This panel of experts each talk about their interests and areas of expertise, and also take a number of questions from the crowd. The broad range of subjects covered includes (5 hours):

Beneficial Insects
Aphid Control Beneficial Attractor Plants
Multi Level Growing
General Upkeep and Troubleshooting of the Growing Dome
Keeping the Growing Dome Cool/Warm
Relationships in Permaculture
Companion Plants
Adding the Animal Factor
Good Plants for Emulsion
Fish in the Water Tank
Foliar Feeding and Compost Tea
Soil Basics
Beneficial Microbes Vs. Pathogens
Vermiculture (Worm) Basics
Mice, Voles, and Rats
Seeding for Winter
Garden Bed Construction

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Complete Online Gardening Courses

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