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33' Growing Dome Installation w/Dome Purchase- DIY Owner/Self Install


DIY:  Owner/Self Installation +$0

The DIY option is available upon purchase of the 33′ Growing Dome kit. Building a greenhouse from Growing Spaces is easy when following the instructions in the manual and installation videos provided with each Growing Dome. Many people find that it becomes an exciting family or community event, much like a barn raising. Watching this unique, round structure go up in the matter of days is just breathtaking and extremely satisfying. You also receive unlimited technical support during business hours from our staff at Growing Spaces, so if you can’t figure something out we’re here to help.

Growing Spaces recommends that at least 3-6 people participate in the installation, though some tasks can be done alone. We tell customers to plan on your self-installation to take at least twice as long (6-8 days) as our estimated installation times for a certified crew from Growing Spaces (~3 days). This is because of the learning curve involved with building any greenhouse for the first time. For building our greenhouse kits, we recommend that you have at least basic construction skills (such as experience working a drill, saw, hammer, and ladders).

  • Estimated DIY build time is six to eight days for a size 33’ Growing Dome
  • With the purchase of a Growing Dome, you will have access to the online, step-by-step instruction manual.
  • Online manual includes pictures, drawings, models, YouTube videos, and written instructions. 
  • The components are pre-cut, color coded, and labeled.
  • Three to six people are recommended to construct the kit, though some tasks can be done alone.
  • Only basic construction tools and experience needed.
  • Technical support is just a phone call away.
  • DIY from site prep to planting and watering. 

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