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Solar Powered Cooling Upgrade 33' Growing Dome


Solar Powered Cooling Upgrade for 33-foot Greenhouse

The Solar Powered Cooling Upgrade replaces the 115v electric AC cooling fans on the 33′ with solar powered DC fans. This upgrade will reduce your carbon footprint by reducing electricity usage and will make you more self-sufficient. This is also a great option for people who do not have access to grid-tied electricity at the site of their Growing Dome. The 33′ Growing Dome kit comes with one 115V electric fan standard. When you choose the solar powered cooling upgrade, you receive two 14" solar powered fans to replace the 115V fan. 

Solar Fan Upgrade Considerations

The 115v cooling fans only use about 173 watts of energy each, and they are controlled by a thermostat. The solar powered fans may also be regulated by a thermostat, but they only run when the sun is out. A single solar fan provides about 2/3 of the air flow of a single 115v fan (1925 CFM as apposed to 2300 CFM). The Solar Powered Cooling Fan Upgrade contains additional fans to compensate for the loss of air flow that the standard 115v fan(s) would provide.

If you live in an extremely hot environment, you may need more than the solar fans that we have to offer to sufficiently cool your Growing Dome. The Desert Cooling Package comes with a misting system and a fan, for those in hot, dry climates. Solar swamp coolers manufactured by Southwest Solar are also a great option for hot, dry climates. If you live in a humid climate, you may need to contact a local HVAC heating and air conditioning supplier and/or electrician to assist you with purchasing an air conditioner and/or dehumidifier.

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Solar Powered Cooling Upgrade 33' Growing Dome

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