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Extra Lower Vent (with Univent) 22' Growing Dome


Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing everything in our lives. Greenhouse temperatures are no exception.  An extra automated lower vent can be added to the 22′ dome for extra ventilation and peace of mind.

The Univent® automatic greenhouse vent opener is handmade in Denmark. Only the 15′ and 22′ Growing Domes use these vent openers on the lower vents. These openers are very easy to install and use. For wintertime, this vent opener disengages from the mounting bracket on the vent with a quick squeeze of the support arms. The Univent has an opening force of about 15 pounds and the two springs provide a closing force of about 1.7 pounds. The piston and cylinder provide opening and closing temperature adjustments by threading it in or out.

*If purchased separately from Dome kit, subject to freight and crating fees which will be reflected in the shipping cost

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Extra Lower Vent (with Univent) 22' Growing Dome

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