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Univent Opener


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Univent Opener

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*The entire univent assembly. Includes the piston, hinge mechanism, and hardware for mounting. 

The automatic vent openers are heat activated and they require no electricity to operate. Proper air circulation and ventilation is imperative to grow high quality produce year-round. A bent, broken, or worn out vent opener can invite pests and disease; always check to ensure that your vents are opening and closing properly. Often, a malfunctioning opener can be brought back to life by replacing the pistons. We can help you diagnose the cause of failure if your vents are not opening. 


Automatically opens between 60 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Maximum opening at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Maximum window opening approximately 32 inches depending on adjustment and load.

Used on solar fan shutters for all size domes.

15' Domes: Both lower vents

22' Domes: Both lower vents

Winter Storage: It is recommended to remove the Univent piston from the opener and store it inside in a cool/dry place. Lubricate the piston threads and check that the piston rod is moving before reinstalling in the Spring.