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33' Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit


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Multi-wall (16 mm standard)
Multi-Wall (only option on 33')
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Owner Supplied Items
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Our 33-foot diameter Growing Dome is the most affordable geodesic greenhouse kit per square foot.  Growing Spaces’ large geodesic greenhouses use solar energy to grow organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs, along with fruit trees and ornamental flowers to create a lush forest garden. Our 33-foot diameter dome greenhouse has a height of 15ft. 5 in. that functions well in both modest and harsh climates.  The geodesic shape is extremely wind and snow resistant, and the structure itself also provides a great learning experience. 

Communities, reservations, and schools benefit from Growing Dome greenhouse kits by being able to offer a serene environment for people of all ages to learn about healthy and sustainable lifestyles. While our 33-foot geodesic greenhouse kit is the ideal size for school greenhouses and farm-to-table restaurants, many other commercial greenhouse applications benefit from having a Growing Dome.  Assisted living facilities, spiritual retreats, and bed and breakfasts can provide plenty of fresh organic food to their customers in the 855 square feet of gardening space.

Families and backyard gardeners may still choose our next smaller Growing Dome which is the 26-foot diameter greenhouse. But many schools, restaurants, and community gardens also choose our largest Growing Dome which is our 42-foot diameter greenhouse kit with 1,385 square feet of gardening space! 

Matt and Christie use the high canopy of the 33-foot Growing Dome to grow many varieties of tropical fruits and flowers in the mountains of New Mexico


  • 33ft. approx. diameter
  • 855sq.ft. floor area
  • 15ft. 5in. center height
  • Crate weight range 4050-4150lbs.

 Common Uses of our 33-foot Growing Dome Greenhouse


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What's Included
Owner Supplied Items

What Else Do You Need For Your 33-Foot Greenhouse Kit?

A few items you will need for your 33-Foot Gowing Dome are bulky and costly to ship, and easily available at your local building supply store. These Owner Supplied Items are not included in the greenhouse kit to lower your overall investment to build your 33-Foot Dome Greenhouse. 

The estimated cost of the 33-Foot Growing Dome Owner Supplied Items is +$4,260.  Actual expenses will vary depending on location, foundation type, and price changes in raw materials.

See more about owner supplied items.


Because of the size of your Growing Dome 33-Foot Greenhouse Kit requires our Growing Spaces crew to assist either you or your contractor with the installation.  

Growing Spaces offers three different greenhouse installation options for your 33-Foot your Growing Dome:

  • Supervisor Only
  • Supervisor +1 Crew
  • Full Crew Installation


See more about our greenhouse installation options.